Edmonton Roofing Company: Common Causes of Roof Damage

The dreaded leak, ugly curled shingles, broken flashings – all of these telltale signs point to roof damage. What could have happened to cause such damage to your roof? It really depends on where in the world you live. Living in Alberta there are a few elements that can harm your investment. Edmonton Roofing Company like United Roofing are regularly called out to repair the deterioration done by 4 main perpetrators.

This one was obvious. It doesn’t matter where you live, the weather is always going to wreak havoc on your roof. Calgary and Edmonton roofers are regularly called out to repair the damage done by wind and hail. In Alberta, wind is usually the more harmful of the two. Strong winds will pull up the edges of your shingles causing them to curl and expose the membrane beneath, which puts your roof at a much greater risk for leaks. Large amounts of snow accumulation, especially on houses with flat roofs or low-slope can also be a huge headache for homeowners. It is hard to protect your roof from inclement weather, but there are a few things that you can do:


  • Ensure high quality shingles are used
  • Get your gutters cleaned even in the winter
  • Consider metal shingles for homes in high wind areas
  • Have your roof repairs or installation done by professional residential roofers

There is one stereotype about living in Canada that is true, the wildlife – especially in Alberta. It may be somewhat magical to share your morning coffee with a deer or ground squirrel, but your roof sure doesn’t like it. Roofing Companies Edmonton like the United Roofing team are always getting called out to repair roofs that have been damaged by critters. Mice, squirrels, and many varieties of nesting birds will all do damage to your shingles or flashings by trying to find spots to nest, catch insects or simply using the roof to find a way into your home.
These animals are both a nuisance to you and a menace to your roof. There are a few ways to fight them:

  • Have your roof inspected for holes by a professional Edmonton roofing company
  • Make sure your flashings don’t have spots where animals to get in
  • Have your roof repairs or installation done by experienced Edmonton Roofers

We have no shortage of trees in Alberta. They are beautiful to look at and they can increase the value of your home. People have been known to pay good money to have trees planted on their lots – but if your trees are too close to your house they can be working against your roofs life span. Left to their own devices, trees can puncture your shingles, or even the waterproof membrane creating the perfect conditions for leaks. They can also form a perfect bridge for insects to nest in your home which in turn draws wildlife. Edmonton roofing companies like United Roofing are often called in to fix the damage done by errant trees. There are a few things you can do to prevent this from happening:

  • Keep your trees trimmed so branches do not hang over your roof
  • Plant new trees at least 24 inches away from your home
  • Dead branches should be removed immediately
  • Call the residential roofers from United Roofing to repair any damaged shingles ASAP

Human Error
A new roof is a large investment and the sheer amount of Edmonton roofers or Edmonton roofing companies can make choosing the right contractor overwhelming. It is no surprise that roofing companies in Edmonton are regularly called by frantic homeowners needing repairs to their roof caused by human error. Poor installation is the biggest risk to your roof. Problems with adhesion, blistering, and leaks are all problems that pop up when your roof is installed poorly. There is only one way to repair that problem, have an experienced and professional team repair or reinstall your roof. You want to look for a company that:

  • Has valid credentials and professional licenses
  • Has understanding of local permit process’
  • Offers a workmanship warranty
  • Has references from past clients

The residential roofers team from United Roofing have all of these points and more. Through hard work we have achieved our safety COR recognition and we are members of highly respected contractor associations. If you are looking for an experienced, professional team to repair damage or put a new roof on your house, we’ve got you covered – get in touch for a quote!


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